getE-du, is an initiative that is of the teachers, for the teachers, and by the teachers.

About Us


getE-du as the name suggests, "E"ducation the digital way. From discovery, is an online market place for teachers, wherein teachers sell their own created educational materials for sale to other Teachers, Educators, Tutors, and Parents.

Some teachers are now making six figures selling their lesson plans online. It may sound like a lot of work to organize, upload, and promote all your teaching materials when you’ve already got papers to grade and benchmarks to meet, but there are a few tricks to streamlining the process.

getE-du lets you do most of the work on a single online platform, and if you’re already using it to create your lessons, you’re just a few steps away from making a handsome side income.

Currently at getE-du we are catering to kids from the age of toddlerhood to Grade Five.

On getE-du there is no Language Barrier. The educational materials can be for any language.


Engaging students

Some teachers say the materials from these sites are more appealing to the eye and child learning centered than the materials produced by publishers. The kids can now learn at the same time having fun. This fun and learn concept is believed to be the most crucial and successful method for a child to grasp easily. Here’s your chance to contribute to the cause of collaboration with digitalisation.

Making a side income

You’ve already put in a lot of time creating those resources. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a little more mileage out of them? What better way to make a little extra cash than to share your expertise with the rest of the teaching community?

Staying organized and efficient

Creating and selling your materials will force you to keep things organized, and will also encourage you to step back and take a more objective look at your lessons. You'll refine your lessons in the process, making your teaching more efficient.

Supporting a movement

Ultimately, you are the authority on what works in the classroom. You are at the helm of moulding the future. So in supporting and participating in this cause, you’re helping to improve the quality of education for all.

Who We Are

getE-du is an online educational networking and resource marketplace that connects teachers / educators to other teachers / educators with the knowledge, resources, educational materials and tools to excel, Each product is created to assist teachers / educators in researching or preparing for a specific subject matter.

Teaching is a rewarding profession. Most teachers have chosen this career path because they are passionate about teaching and making a difference in child’s life. getE-du strives to empower such teachers / educators who work tirelessly in molding the lives of future.

What We Do

"The most valuable resource that all educators have is each other. Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives." - Robert John Meehan.

“Digital technology has several features that can make it much easier for teachers to pay special attention to all their students." - Bill Gates.

getE-du, As the name suggests – Education the digital way. With the growth of blogs, social media, and online sales platforms, some enterprising teachers are selling lesson plans and other classroom resources online and generating steady side income. The sale of teaching materials on the Internet has surged in the past two years because of the increasing number of online marketplaces and a need for more classroom tools. Teachers can create and sell many resources online including lesson plans, language videos, class activities, decorations, games, workbooks and other teaching materials which can be easily downloadable digitally on getE-du. Language isn’t a barrier but an opportunity – (TNTP blog). Hence at getE-du all languages are welcomed. The resources can be in any language.

The teachers can now share their experiences, Tips and Tricks on our blog - Teacher's Anecdote. Currently at getE-du we are open only from Toddlers to Grade Five.


Our mission is to provide quality but affordable educational resources for teachers / educators. These resources are made by the teachers themselves for use to other teachers.

Talent is universal, but opportunity is not – Nicholas Kristof. We want to empower the teachers who lay the foundation stone in the lives of the future generation and give them opportunity to showcase their talent to the whole wide world.

At getE-du, it will be a win win experience for all.

Its your day to rise and shine.

How We Do?

At getE-du, We are committed to make the educational resource / materials upload process to be as-simple-as-it-gets.

It should have all the necessary information but should also complement to the time taken.

Have a look at the document - How to register and upload the document for sale and Click Here to view the video.

What are you waiting for? Start selling now!!!

Its your day to rise and shine.