1) How do I register at getE-dusheets.com?

Log on to www.gete-dusheets.com and on the top right hand corner click on “My account”.

2)I did not receive any welcome E-mail from gete-dusheets.com.

Check your Spam Folder in your mailbox. You should have received an e-mail with your login and password credentials.

3) How do I become a seller on gete-dusheets.com?

Once you create your login-id and password, you automatically become a buyer. In order to become a seller on getE-du, check for the email that we sent you with your login credentials. In the same e-mail we send a link to “upgrade as a seller”. Alternatively, you can also send an email to getedusheets@gmail.com for the same. Make sure you read all the Terms and conditions / Privacy Policy and copyright rules and regulations.

4) How is the Payment process done-

On upgrading as a seller on gete-dusheets.com, the teacher need to

1. For international Users - link their bank account with Paypal

2. For Domestic Users (Within India)- Give the Bank details where the revenue will be sent.

Upon Sale of their product, the teachers are intimated through an e-mail. Their seller dashboard on gete-dusheets.com is also updated with the details of the sale. All revenue sharing with gete-dusheets.com will be the revenue share + Taxes. Payment would be made on monthly basis. These payments will be made to your respective account in the 2nd week of next month. If there are any discrepancies or you need to clear your doubt, kindly send an email to getedusheets@gmail.com.

5) I’m unable to add a Product on gete-dusheets.com. What to do?

Please send an email to getedusheets@gmail.com, our team will look into it at the earliest possible.

6) Are there any referral programs on getE-du?

Currently we do not have any promotion or referral program to offer. Although we might rollout in the near future. When we shall, you will be among the first ones to know.

7) Can I update my resources for sale is language different than English?

At getE-du we believe – “Language isn’t a barrier, it’s an opportunity”. Any language other than English is permitted on getE-du. As our main aim is to empower the teachers / educator in the language they teach.

8) I’m unable to upload any documents for sale from Grade VI onwards?

Currently, getE-du only caters to kids from toddlerhood to Grade V.

9) How long can you download the purchase product?

You will be able to download the product till 7 days from the date of purchase. If you want to download again after that period than you will have too re-purchase the product.

10) How to calculate the Selling Price of any product?

Divide your price by 0.646 and you will get the Selling Price of the product. This price is the sum of your product price + gete-dusheet revenue + taxes.